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with Jacquelyn Miccolis

Jacquelyn Miccolis is a social entrepreneur who has cultivated a purpose-driven career, by seamlessly merging passion and expertise. Widely recognized as a trailblazer with a tenacious spirit, she believes in the transformative influence of art in fostering community development and driving social change.

As the founder of two businesses in Halifax, namely Supernova Events and Sparkles n’ Sawdust Studio, she is passionate about operating small businesses with heart. As an experienced public speaker, Jacquelyn enjoys delivering captivating speeches that combine authentic storytelling and humor.


If you are interested in hiring Jacquelyn to speak at your event, please see below for speech topics.

Artfully Speaking

 speaking topics 

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against all odds

During this motivational speech, Jacquelyn vividly narrates the story of her humble beginning as an underdog in the business world, as she shares her unconventional journey to success.

This inspiring speech seamlessly blends expertise and personal encounters, with a touch of humor.


business with heart

During this uplifting speech, Jacquelyn shares how she built a career by integrating passion with purpose.


You have probably heard that being nice doesn't get you far in life, well.. get ready for Jacquelyn to debunk this common misconception. She will show you how to spread kindness like confetti and prove that being kind can help you succeed.


Creative Superpower

During this inspirational speech, Jacquelyn will motivate your audience to think outside-of-the box, by sharing how she uses creativity as her superpower.  

Make it an interactive experience with this optional add-on.

During this fun and engaging activity, Jacquelyn will guide your audience through an exercise that demonstrates how to turn your ideas into action to develop solutions for new-to-the-world problems.

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